Evolutionary design of dynamic SwarmScapes

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Namrata Khemka and Scott Novakowski and Gerald Hushlak and Christian Jacob: Evolutionary design of dynamic SwarmScapes. GECCO '08: Proceedings of the 10th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation, pp. 827-834, ACM, 12-16 July 2008.




This paper discusses interactive evolutionary algorithms and their application in swarm-based image generation. From an artist’s perspective, the computer-generated patterns offer departure points for creative “Imagineering.” Input into our evolutionary system comprises of ninety-six parameters that influence the behavior of swarm agents to create emerging “SwarmScapes” over time. This paper demonstrates how an evolutionary approach is used to create swarm-based anima- tions, which at any point in time can be turned into elec- tronic paintings and into high-resolution plots on canvas. As our team consists of three computer scientists and an artist, we also explore the collaborative relationships among the team members, and between the artist and the evolutionary system.

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