Experimental Search for Order in the Code of Generated Drawings

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Hans Dehlinger: Experimental Search for Order in the Code of Generated Drawings. In: Generative Art 2000.



In a generative system a set of rules is used to create line-oriented drawings. The intentions of the artist are supported and constrained by the rules. If the entire system is designed and programmed by the artist, its generated results can come very close to the intetions persued. The drawing itself comes into existence in a single run of the system. The purity of such an approach has an inherent aesthetic to it, and the results produced seem to reflect this. After production there is (a) the drawing, and (b) the code which generated it. Feeding the code of one such drawing into a postprocessing cycle opens up a range of further possibilities.

The paper experimentally explores such possibilities with a focus on finding and constructing order in disorderly arrangements.

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