Experiments in Objet Trouve Browsing

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Simon Colton, Jeremy Gow, Pedro Torres, Paul Cairns: Experiments in Objet Trouve Browsing. In: Computational Creativity 2010 ICCC 2010. 238-247.



We report on two experiments to study the use of a graphic design tool for generating and selecting image filters, in which the aes- thetic preferences that the user expresses whilst browsing filtered images drives the filter generation process. In the first experiment, we found ev- idence for the idea that intelligent employment of the user’s preferences when generating filters can improve the overall quality of the designs produced, as assessed by the users themselves. The results also suggest some user behaviours related to the fidelity of the image filters, i.e., how much they alter the image they are applied to. A second experiment tested whether evolutionary techniques which manage fidelity would be preferred by users. Our results did not support this hypothesis, which opens up interesting questions about how user preferences can be intel- ligently employed in browsing-based design tools.

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