Flocking Messengers

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Tatsuo Unemi and Bisig, Daniel: Flocking Messengers. Generative Art 2006.



Flocking Messengers is an entirely new type of real-time communication tool, which utilizes a technique from artificial life to allow two remote persons to speak to each other. Messages that travel through a computer network, cross a virtual 3D space that is inhabited by flocking agents. Attracted by the speaker's motions, agents approach and memorize his/her voice. Subsequently, they move towards the opposite space boundary and recite the speakers' message in their own voice. The rules controlling each agent are simple, but the reactions of the entire system are complex and unpredictable since they combine acoustic and visual interaction with collective behaviour. Agents possess their own emotional state, which they occasionally express through their own words. Thereby they guide the visitor's reactions and increase his/her enjoyment of the communication.

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Used References

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