Fractals and Multi-Layer Coloring Algorithms

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Javier Barrallo and Santiago Sanchez: Fractals and Multi-Layer Coloring Algorithms. In: Bridges 2001. Pages 89–94



The focus of exploration in new fractal techniques is shifting away from fractal formulas and towards coloring algorithms. This paper provides an overview of the coloring algorithms in popular use and how they can be combined and superposed. We call these multi layer fractals, and they are the source of some of the richest fractal imagery being produced today. In this way, even a limited collection of fractal coloring algorithms can be combined in almost endless ways.

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Used References

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[2] 1. Barrallo & D. M. Jones, Coloring algorithms for dynamical systems in the complex plane, ISAMA 99 Proceedings, pp. 31-38. The University of the Basque Country, 1999.


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