GAUGUIN: generating art using genetic algorithms and user input naturally

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Thomas E. Cook: GAUGUIN: generating art using genetic algorithms and user input naturally. GECCO '07 Proceedings of the 9th annual conference companion on Genetic and evolutionary computation, 2647-2650.



This paper outlines an undergraduate research project demonstrating an application of evolutionary computation in the context of computer art. The project combines the visual impact of modern computer graphics with the computational power of genetic algorithms. GAUGUIN allows the user to become a creator of art, without requiring any technical or artistic training. By using an intuitive and easily comprehensible process like evolution to create the composition, all the user needs to do is evaluate a number of possible "solutions", which trains the system to recognize his or her specific taste. The act of evaluating and scoring is inherent in all of us; this project simply takes advantage of that behavior in a creative way.

Extended Abstract


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