Generative Art 2001

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Extended Abstract



Table of contents

• Artemis Moroni, Jônatas Manzolli, Alaide Mammana: InstrumentAll: a Virtual Instrument.

• Alexander Koutamanis: Information and termination.

• Bernard Caillaud: Cellular automata and algorithmic visual creation.

• Bob Mueller: Visic: a scoreable keyboard color music.

• Celestino Soddu: Generative natural flux.

• Cristiano Ceccato: Integration: Master [Planner | Programmer | Builder.

• Gregory Caicco: Cunning Crafts or Poetic Place-Making? Towards a Historiography of Generative Art.

• Chak Chan Lewis: Defects Defined by Form Making Method for Improving Generative Design System.

• Enrica Colabella: Performing evocations. no link

• Franco Torriani: Organic-inorganic. The body: the displaced interface.

• Gabriel Maldonado: Sound and Graphics in CSoundAV.

• Hans Dehlinger: Hitchhiking through a maze of transformations and filters with a bag of data.

• Howard Riley: Drawing as transformation: From Primary Geometry to Secondary Geometry.

• K.H. Chan, John Frazer, Ming Xi Tang: Interactive Evolutionary Design in a Hierarchical Way.

• John Eacott: Morpheus - emergent music.

• Jonathan Chapuis: ArtiE-Fract: Interactive Evolution of Fractals.

• Martin Dupras: The Virtual Forest: Integrating VRML Worlds and Generative Music.

• Mauro Annunziato: Learning and contamination in virtual worlds.

• Michael Edward Edgerton: The Influence of Nonlinear Dynamics and Scaling of Multidimensional Parameter Spaces in Instrumental, Vocal and Electronic Composition.

• Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic: Communicating Generic Process. Some Issues of Representation Related to Architectural Design.

• Nick Collins: Further Automatic Breakbeat Cutting Methods.

• Pablo Miranda Carranza: Self-design and ontogenetic evolution.

• Paul S. Coates, Corinna Simon, Christian Derix: Dust, Plates & Blobs.

• Penny Feuerstein

Philip Galanter: Foundations of Generative Art:Systems - a hybrid survey and studio class for graduate students.

• Philip Van Loocke: Organic visualisation of high-dimensional objects: exploration of a world of forms based on heart transform.

• Riccardo Antonini: The darwinian structure of the design process.

• Singh S.K., Vatsa Mayank, Singh Richa: Face Recognizing Robot (An AI Approach).

• Thomas Fischer, Christiane M. Herr: Teaching Generative Design.

• Tomás García Salgado: Anamorphic perspective and Illusory Architecture.

• Volodymyr Riznyk: Perfect Distribution Phenomenon and the origin of the spacetime harmony.

• Yoshiyuki Abe: Beyond tha math visualization. Geometrica and Stochastica.


Gabriel Maldonado, Enrica Colabella, Celestino Soddu, Maria Grazia Sarandrea, John Eacott, Jan Jacob Hofmann, Luca Tanzini, Michael Edward Edgerton and Rebekka Uhlig, Nick Collins, Rod Caballero

Posters, Artworks and Installations

Angelo Comino (, Claudio Parrini, Furio Barzon & Carlo Costa, Francesco Martin, Greg Giannis, Juricic Bruno, Martin Schneider, Penny Feuerstein, Salvo Portuese, Soban Bogdan, Tim Barrass Daniel Young, Jonatas Manzolli, Massimo Fontana, Marianne Selsjord, Stanza, Martin Howse, Mark Goulthorpe, Roberta Buiani (, Rodrigo Caballero, Sergio Maltagliati, Simone Merli, Umberto Roncoroni (


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