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Celestino Soddu (ed.): Generative Art 2004 GA2004, VII Generative Art Conference. Milan, Italy, December 2004.



Extended Abstract



Table of contents

Papers - Index of Volume 1

Celestino Soddu: Meta-Code, Identity’s Borders, Visionary Variations of Milano, Generative Projects Designing the Identity of Milano.

Anthony Viscardi, M. Arch: Crafting Creativity, “If Art Is Seeing The Usual, Unusually, Then Architecture Is Its Frame of Probability".

Alain Lioret: Emergence of L-Cellular Morphogenesis.

Carla Farsi, Kristopher R. Collins: Visual Synthesis and Esthetic Values.

B. de Vries, A. van der Zee,, J. Carp,: Dutch Dwellings.

Stéphane Galland, Olivier Lamotte, Nicolas Gaud: Infrastructure Design with Multiagent System and Virtual Reality, Application to the PSA site.

Gary R. Greenfield: The Void Series - Generative Art using Regulatory Genes.

Gregor Zimmermann: Generative Design of Membrane Concrete Grid Shells.

H. E. Dehlinger, Matthew R. Lewis: Selective Extraction of Point Sets from Photographs as Starting Events of Generative-Art Line Drawings.

Timothy Jachna, John Frazer: Taxonomies of Form Based on Morphogenesis.

Jef Chippewa: Reflection upon Issues of Identity in New Music Composition, via “plastik”.

J. P. Duarte: The Virtual Architect.

Kai Strehlke, Mathias Ochsendorf, Ulrike Bahr: Generative Interfaces and Scenarios for Intelligent Architecture, A Framework for Computer Integrated Buildings.

Liesbeth De Mol: Computer Generated Images as Mathematical Tools.

Marie-Pascale Corcuff: Architecture: Forme, Space and Order?

Mario Costa: For a new kind of aesthetics.

Prof. Michele Emmer: MATHLAND From Topology to Virtual Architecture.

K. Moraes Zarzar: Design Precedents and Identity.

Artemis Moroni, Jônatas Manzolli, Fernando Von Zuben: ArTbitrating JaVOX: an evolutionary environment for visual and sound composition.

N. Schadewitz: Interaction Design Patterns: Generative Design Supporting Intercultural Collaboration.

Dr. Gerardo Burkle-Elizondo, Nicoletta Sala: Complexity and Fractal Dimension in 26 Mesoamerican Pyramids.

Paul S. Coates: Some experiments using agent modelling at CECA.

Philip Van Loocke: Generative flowers and flower canopies as visualizations of binary information and of DNA sequences.

R. Behravan, R. Carlisle: Interactive Organic Art.

Umberto Roncoroni: Generative art: a question of aesthetic, knowledge and interfaces.

Markus Schein, Ole Werner: Generative and Evolutionary Design in Design Education.

S.L.M.C. Titotto: Spatiality in Tensile Structures.

Yannick Joye: The Implications of Reduced Contact with Nature for Architectural Design.

Yen-Feng Wu, Sheng-Fen Chien: Enemy Character Design in Computer Games Using Generative Approach.

Daniela Sirbu: Digital Places in Virtual Reality Environments: Interferences with Evolutionary Agents.

Manuel A. Báez: Generative Dynamics: Process, Form and Structure.

H. C. Lee, M. X. Tang: Evolutionary Shape Grammars for Product Design.

Paul Nemirovsky, Gene Shuman: Exploring and Constructing Video in Improvisational Manner.

Philip Galanter: What is Emergence? Generative Murals as Experiments in the Philosophy of Complexity.

Enrica Colabella: Numbering, a Resonant Silence.

Papers - Index of Volume 2

Yong Kyun Roh: A Study on Context-based Evolutionary Building Design with animation software MAYA.

Widianto Utomo: Transit Space: nomads mobile place, An urban nomads lifestyle evolution.

WANG Wei, ZHAO Jianghong: Draftmaker: a design thinking generator in ICAID.

TAN Hao, ZHAO Jianghong: Knowledge-Based Design Innovation: A Method to Generate New Knowledge in Design.

Svetlana Ignatjeva: Java Programming for Artists.

B. Soban: Selling Artworks as the Case of Generative Art Product Marketing.


Nelly Bogdanova: Designing of Academic Courses on Base the Technology of Designing of Information Systems.

Maurizio Bolognini: Programmed Machines: Infinity and Identity.

Katharine S. Willis: The View from the Road - the Potential of GPS, Technologies to inform a Generative Approach to Designing Visual Sequences for the Observer in Motion.

Karlis Salitis: New approaches and possibilities in computer graphics using high level shading languages.

Jong Sze Joon, Soon Eu Hui: Integration of 3D Simulated Set And Background.

J. B. Dumont, J. Lefèvre, BEng: Metaheuristics for Genetic Optimal Design.

Heloisa Helena da Fonseca Carneiro Leão: The Art, the Man and the Habitat.How to One Construct the World.

Mohamed Amine Benoudjit, Christian Derix, Paul Coates: : Human perception and space classification: The Perceptive Network.

Mohammed Raafat Saleh, Christian Derix, Paul Coates: 3D Navigation in architectural space, The use of Voronoi diagram for mapping information flows.

Anna M. Chupa, Michael A. Chupa: TOLAS: Terrain of Light and Sound.

Paolo G. Bottoni, Stefano Faralli, Anna Labella, Claudio Scozzafava: Experimenting with Chambre : Music, Image and Interaction.

Bastien Belloche: Something somewhere for somebody.

Benjamin Fischer: «Wordnews».

David Kim-Boyle: Musical Image Generation with Max/MSP/Jitter.

David Kim-Boyle: Musical Score Generation.

Leon Cullinane, Benjamin Delarre: N.E.S.T. Network examination of serendipitous transfer. A generative software for a degenerative purpose.

E. Bilotta, A. R. Gabriele, M. G. Lorenzi, P. Pantano: CA3D and CA-Tree: Creating virtual objects by using Cellular Automata.

Aleksandra Slahova, Ilze Volonte, Maris Cacka, Jolanta Savvina, Baiba Valpetere: The Evaluation of Creative Works of Students of Art Speciality.

Peter Martin D. Gomez: Buklod: Collaborative Morphogenesis Towards Generative Design via Global Web Services.

Michael Schmitz: GenoTyp. An experiment about genetic typography.


Reinhard König, Christian Bauriedel: Computer-generated urban Structures.

Sarawut Chutiwongpeti: “At the Dawn of the 21st Century: A View-Thought ‘The Red Window’” (“The Critical Time of the World Civilization”) An Installation Art Project.

Skaidrite Erliha: Synthesis and Interaction of Music and Fine Art in Reproduction of Phenomena of Life and Nature.

Skaidrite Erliha: Musical Symbols for Representing Sound Pitch and Value: Creative Aspects.

Thanos Chrysakis, Nick Fuller: Expanses (a generative soundscape).

Kan Wee Wagen Teh: Boulcer Pavilion (Architecture Project).

Yan chung-hsien: Odyssey of the Boat Ritualized/digitalized ----- Transforming within Generative Vehicle.

Ajaykumar: A hypothesis of ‘being’ and of ‘mind’ that may emerge in a relational world, a space-time of montage, an interstitial realm of dependent origination.

WEIZMANN, Eliane; MARINHO, Fernando: 011000 Creative Possibilities between Cartemas and Hypermedia.

Katharine S Willis: Virtual landmarks – An Augmented Generative Environment.

M.Koray Tahiroglu: Generative Musical Improvisation For Participants With All Kinds of Musical Backgrounds.

Lasse Scherffig: Mexmix: Digital Narrative in Face of the Unreadable Machine.

Maurice Methot: 2 Live Generative Musical Systems.

Nick Tobier: Plam. A Modest Physical Theater for a Digital Era.

Pascal Dombis: Square Out. Artwork presentation for GA2004.

Sarawut CHUTIWONGPETI: “Untitled” (Wishes, Lies and Dreams), Video Art Project.

S.L.M.C. Titotto: New Naturality of Artificial World: a Thread Spider Web.

Thomas E. Brady: Three Row Poles to Enlightenment.

Vera Sylvia Bighetti: Artworks Presentations for GA2004.

Toph Church: Generate poetry and find unexpected meaning from Google poems…

Michalis Pichler: Certain things which lie within the class of what is frightening.

Jônatas Manzolli, Márcio Saragiotto, Márcio de Oliveira Costa: Drawing Sounds to Play Drawings.

Sahba La’al, Steffen Heise: THE AERIAL CITY. A City in Harmony with Nature!

Zhang Kun, Wang Bowei: Spatial Forms Generated From Shao Xing Culture.

Tian YunQing: Shanghai Keeps its Identity in the City Renewal.


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