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Celestino Soddu (ed.): Generative Art 2008 GA2008, XII generative Art Conference 16-18 December 2008. ISBN: 978-88-96610-01-5.



Extended Abstract



Table of contents

Celestino Soddu: opening GA2008.

A. van der Zee - Bauke de Vries: Design by computation.

Anthony Viscardi: “REBAR” : making the ordinary-extraordinary - Arms, Wings and Mechanical Things (poster).

Carlos Aguilar - Hod Lipson: SEURAT: robotic painter.

Celestino Soddu: Alive Codeness.

Christian Kerrigan: The 200 year continuum.

Daniel Bisig - Martin Neukom: Swarm Based Music - Towards a Repertory of Strategies.

Enrica Colabella: Generative Art.

Gail Kenning: Exploring Evolutionary Possibilities for Digital Doilies.

Hector Rodriguez: Kinematograph.

Hela Ben Maallem - Paul Richard - Jean-Louis Ferrier: Can computer-aided Design be considered as Art or a Technique or Mathematics?

Hsiao Chun-Shuo - Liou Shuenn-Ren: Generating Architectural Envelope through Mathematica.

Iro Laskari: The Generative Audiovisual Narrative system.

Jan Kubasiewicz: The Language of Motion in the Context of Dynamic Media.

Jean-Paul Courchia - Righini M. - Courchia B.: The “Accusing Glance”: Change In Eye Movements During The Observation Of A Van Gogh’s Painting Before And After Artistic Information On The Work Of Art.

John Frazer - Gu Yan: A Generative Nervous System for the Planet.

Marie-Pascale Corcuff: Chance and Generativity.

Morteza Yamani: The achievement of paper’s high relief pattern through the application of heat, grain direction and releasing the strength of fibres.

Nick Spratt: Encouraging idleness – the networked screensaver.

Oday Qussay Al-chalabi - Talaat I. Alaane: The bases of generative Tomb in Islamic Architecture.

Peter Beyls: On-line Development of Man-Machine Relationships: Motivation-driven Musical Interaction.

Philip Galanter: What is Complexism? Generative Art and the Cultures of Science and the Humanities.

Renato Saleri Lunazzi - Marian Janda: GRUE: Génération régulée pour un urbanisme environmental.

Romain Clair - Nicolas Monmarché - Mohamed Slimane: Interactions between an artificial colony of musical ants and an impaired human composer: towards accessible generative arts.

Tatsuo Unemi, Daniel Bisig: A generative remixing of music tracks based on an interactive swarm.

Ted & Susan Carden: Mnemonic Descriptors as Generative Principles in Digital Type.

Tim Ireland: Sniffing space.

Enrica Colabella - Celestino Soddu - Su Stentu: in tundu tundu, ad continuum. performance

Dev Paramanik: New Rhythms of Pattern: Generating textile print patterns through motion-sensing technology.

Celestino Soddu: Ad continuum following the invention of G.B. Piranesi. poster

Maria Ludovica Tramontin - Alessandro Uras: From to digital to fabrication: an academic experience at the University of Cagliari. poster

Chiara Geroldi: Force & Geometry. poster

Aldo Fagà: Sistemi Ecolutivi.

Chen Chih-Wei: Visual-communication representative system.

Hua Hao - Li Biao - Zhang Hong: Self-adaptation to High Density Based on Sunlight Analysis.

Hua Hao - Li Biao - Lu Yu: Generative Tool for Courtyard Pattern.

Lee Wan-Jhen - Chien Sheng-Fen: A Generative Knowledge base System for Paper Packaging design.

Liao Hsiu-Ting: Concept Gradual Change with Shape Grammar.

Maria Ludovica Tramontin - Vittorio Tramontin: Generative Features: a Parametric Approach for exploring novel potential in Architectural Design Process.

Xu Ze Wei: De Code: A Generative System for Decorative Pattern Design.

Heloisa Helena da Fonseca Carneiro Leão: Is It Possible That Aesthetics Actions Promote Habit Changes And Tinge the World With A New Color? short paper

Terrie Man Chi Cheung - Brian Sze Hang Kwok: McSoundscape – A Soundscape Project to Represent The Spatial Identity of McDonald Restaurants In Hong Kong.

Giuseppe Marinelli - Mauro Palatucci: The future and the process of becoming: Reversiblity or Irreversiblity in the process between generative patterns and emerging factors.

HengFeng Zuo, Mark Jones: Texture: Visual Vs Tactile, Micro Vs Macro.

Mehrdad Garousi: Travelling through an infinite loop of planets. artwork

Sofia Oliveira - Jared Hawkey: TODAY – Mobile Application by CADA. artwork

Laurel Johannesson: Respiro. artwork

Jeanne Criscola: Tech_no_logica. artwork


Paul Kirby: presentation of his artwork made with robots. attending the conference

Linda Chiu-han Lai: participating to discussions. attending the conference

Tamara Lai: no future baby? web installation

Anabela Costa: LIQST_liquid state. movie

David Gladstein: FF—. movie


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