Generative and Evolutionary Techniques for Building Envelope Design

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John Frazer, Tang Mingxi, Patrick Janssen, Julia Frazer, Liu Xiyu: Generative and Evolutionary Techniques for Building Envelope Design. In: Generative Art 2002.



The authors have been involved in the use of generative techniques for building envelope design since 1968 and the use of genetic algorithms since 1990. Recent work has focused on incorporating optimisation functions into form generating processes in order for new forms responding to varied design environments to be created and determined. This paper will summarise the authors’ previous work in this field and explain the theory behind this approach, and illustrate recent developments. While the initial implementation of a new building envelope design system is reported in more details in a related paper at this conference, this paper outlines its main features and points out the direction at which it is to be fully developed and further improved.

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