Geometric Visual Instruments Based on Object Rolling

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Akihiro Matsuura, Jyunki Hashimoto and Kento Okuno: Geometric Visual Instruments Based on Object Rolling. In: Bridges 2013. Pages 303–310



If some object can be manipulated using a part of a body, especially, using hands, to create a sequence of aesthetically or geometrically attractive visual patterns, we call it the visual instrument. In this paper, we present visual instruments based on rolling objects on geometric surfaces. First, we present visual instruments that use line segments (or physically, batons) and geometric surfaces such as a cylinder, a globe, and a sequence of truncated cylindrical surfaces on which to roll the batons. We also present the visual instrument called the “gourds”, which are made of some circular arcs. We made simulation for visualizing tempo-spatial patterns and roulettes the instruments create. Through construction of the visual instruments and their manipulation, we have confirmed that they have a high potential for use in manipulative visual performance and play.

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