Image Coding Based on a Fractal Theory of Iterated Contractive Image Transformations

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A.E. Jacquin: Image Coding Based on a Fractal Theory of Iterated Contractive Image Transformations. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON IMAGE PROCESSING. VOL. I. NO. I. JANUARY 1992.



The author proposes an independent and novel approach to image coding, based on a fractal theory of iterated transformations. The main characteristics of this approach are that (i) it relies on the assumption that image redundancy can be efficiently exploited through self-transformability on a block-wise basis, and (ii) it approximates an original image by a fractal image. The author refers to the approach as fractal block coding. The coding-decoding system is based on the construction, for an original image to encode, of a specific image transformation-a fractal code-which, when iterated on any initial image, produces a sequence of images that converges to a fractal approximation of the original. It is shown how to design such a system for the coding of monochrome digital images at rates in the range of 0.5-1.0 b/pixel. The fractal block coder has performance comparable to state-of-the-art vector quantizers

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