Integrating drawing tools with behavioral modeling in digital painting

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Tzafestas, E.: Integrating drawing tools with behavioral modeling in digital painting. In: Ghandeharizadeh, S., Chang, S.F., Fischer, S., Konstan, J.A., Nahrstedt, K. (eds.) ACM Multimedia Workshops, pp. 39–42. ACM Press (2000).



Our goal is to integrate traditional artistic media that demand hand dexterity (such as drawing) with intelligent systems techniques that may both constrain and nourish this dexterity. To this end we are experimenting with special brush tools that on top of traditional drawing provide possibilities that involve information processing and behavioral modeling. In this work, we are introducing a behavioral model as a color processing feature of our brush. More precisely, we use a regulation mechanism, that has been shown elsewhere to solve a typical problem in artificial ant societies, to distribute color on the drawing canvas. Our drawing tool, called “AntBrush”, manages to create controlled color variety during drawing by regulating its own quantity of color through picking and depositing color on the canvas. Different color effects are possible by controlling the brush's parameters on line.

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Used References

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