Layout Algorithm for an EC-based Room Layout Planning Support System

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Makoto Inoue and Hideyuki Takagi: Layout Algorithm for an EC-based Room Layout Planning Support System. IEEE Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications (SMCia2008), Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan, pp.165-170 (June 25-27, 2008).



We introduce a new layout algorithm, along with its underlying growth rules, and propose its use in generating room layout plans. We apply it to room layout planning, investigate its characteristics by observing the generated room layout plans, and discuss our results. We also introduce a framework for a room layout planning support system consisting of the layout algorithm, evolutionary multi-objective optimization (EMO), interactive evolutionary computation (IEC), and a graphical user interface. The proposed layout algorithm, inspired by cellular automata, grows rooms from the initial subspace seed coordinates according to a set of growth rules and fills out the entire provided space with the grown subspaces. The room layout planning support system uses the layout algorithm to generate rooms which fill a specified residential space and evolves the plans using the multiple objectives of by way of EMO and human visual inspection through IEC until a satisfactory layout plan is obtained.

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