Line-Based Rendering with Truchet-Like Tiles

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Abdalla Ahmed: Line-Based Rendering with Truchet-Like Tiles. In: Computational Aesthetics 2014.



We explore the use of Truchet-like tiles (tiles with half area shaded) for single-tone (monochrome) line-based rendering of maps. We borrow concepts from information theory to develop some qualitative and quantitative measures, and use them to discuss four rendering styles which use Truchet-like tiles. We first present a style based on the original Truchet tiles, then we review the tile-based approach used by Inglis and Kaplan for Op Art rendering of 2-color maps, and extend the concept to 3- and 4-color input maps. We present two more concepts capable of rendering maps with up to 6 colors. We highlight some relationships between the four rendering styles, and utilize these relationships to generate Op Art/labyrinth renderings from input maps of up to 6 colors.

Extended Abstract


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