Ludic Considerations of Tablet-Based Evo-Art

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Colton, Simon; Cook, Michael; Raad, Azalea: Ludic Considerations of Tablet-Based Evo-Art. In: EvoMUSART 2011, S. 223-233.



With the introduction of the iPad and similar devices, there is a unique opportunity to build tablet-based evolutionary art software for general consumption, and we describe here the i-ELVIRA iPad application for such purposes. To increase the ludic enjoyment users have with i-ELVIRA, we designed a GUI which gives the user a higher level of control and more efficient feedback than usual for desktop evo-art software. This relies on the efficient delivery of crossover and mutation images which bear an appropriate amount of resemblance to their parent(s). This requirement in turn led to technical difficulties which we resolved via the implementation and experimentation described here.

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