MovieGene: Evolutionary Video Production Based on Genetic Algorithms and Cinematic Properties

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Henriques, Nuno A. C.; Correia, Nuno; Manzolli, Jônatas; Correia, Luís; Chambel, Teresa: MovieGene: Evolutionary Video Production Based on Genetic Algorithms and Cinematic Properties. In: EvoMUSART 2006, S. 707-711.



We propose a new multimedia authoring paradigm based on evolutionary computation, video annotation, and cinematic rules. New clips are produced in an evolving population through genetic transformations influenced by user choices, and regulated by cinematic techniques like montage and video editing. The evolutionary mechanisms, through the fitness function will condition how video sequences are retrieved and assembled, based on the video annotations. The system uses several descriptors, as genetic information, coded in an XML document following the MPEG-7 standard. With evolving video, the clips can be explored and discovered through emergent narratives and aesthetics in ways that inspire creativity and learning about the topics that are presented.

Extended Abstract


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