New IEC Research and Frameworks

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Takagi, H.: New IEC Research and Frameworks. In: Fodor, J., Kacprzyk, J. (eds.) Aspects of Soft Computing, Intelligent Robotics and Control. SCI, vol. 241, pp. 65–76. Springer, Heidelberg (2009)



We introduce recent research on new types of interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) applications and that on reducing IEC user fatigue. IEC is an optimization technique to embed IEC user’s subjective evaluations based on his/her domain knowledge, experiences, and preferences into several designs and has been applied to wide varieties of applications in artistic, engineering, and others for these 20 years. The approach of almost them can be said as a system optimization based on IEC user’s subjective evaluations. We review recent new research topics including an IEC as a tool for analyzing human mind, an IEC with physiological responses, and an IEC with evolutionary multi-objective optimization. We also introduce recent approaches for reducing IEC user fatigue by modeling user’s evaluation characteristics and expanding an IEC framework.

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