Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Portraits

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Paul L. Rosin and Yu-Kun Lai: Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Portraits. In: Computational Aesthetics 2015 CAE'15, 159-170.



We describe an image-based non-photorealistic rendering pipeline for creating portraits in two styles: The first is a somewhat "puppet" like rendering, that treats the face like a relatively uniform smooth surface, with the geometry being emphasised by shading. The second style is inspired by the artist Julian Opie, in which the human face is reduced to its essentials, i.e. homogeneous skin, thick black lines, and facial features such as eyes and the nose represented in a cartoon manner. Our method is able to automatically generate these stylisations without requiring the input images to be tightly cropped, direct frontal view, and moreover perform abstraction while maintaining the distinctiveness of the portraits (i.e. they should remain recognisable).

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