On Two Desiderata for Creativity Support Tools

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Wai Yeap, Tommi Opas, Narges Mahyar: On Two Desiderata for Creativity Support Tools. In: Computational Creativity 2010 ICCC 2010. 180-189.



This paper discusses two important desiderata for developing creativity support tools, namely ideation and empowerment. We then use them to guide us in designing a new individual creativity support tool codenamed Creative-Pad. Creative-Pad is designed to assist individual advertising creative to develop creative ideas for advertisements. For ideation, Creative-Pad searches and filters information automatically from the internet to present to the user with related words and exemplar sentences. For empowerment, Creative- Pad is designed in such a way that the user is neither distracted nor burdened to do any other tasks unrelated to conjuring up a creative idea for a new advertisement. Creative-Pad is fully implemented and some preliminary results of its use by advertising creatives are reported.

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