Promoting creative design in interactive evolutionary computation

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T. Kowaliw, Alan Dorin and * Jon McCormack: Promoting creative design in interactive evolutionary computation. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Vol 16(4), pp. 523-536, 2012



We use a new measure of creativity as a guide in an interactive evolutionary art task and tie the results to natural language usage of the term “creative.” Following previous work, we explore a tractable definition of creativity, one emphasizing the novelty of systems, and its addition to an interactive application. We next introduce a generative ecosystemic art system, EvoEco, an agent-based pixel-level means of generating images. EvoEco is used as a component of an online survey which asks users to evolve a pleasing image and then rank the success of the process and its output. Evolutionary search is augmented with the creativity measure, and compared with control groups augmented with either random search or a measure of phenotypic distance. We show that users consistently rate the creativity measure-enhanced version as more “creative” and “novel” than other search techniques. We further derive additional insights into appropriate forms of genetic representation and pattern space-traversal in an interactive evolutionary algorithm.

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