Quantifying Aesthetic Principles within a Specific Domain for Computatio

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Azlan Iqbal: Quantifying Aesthetic Principles within a Specific Domain for Computation. The 3rd International Conference on Information Technology & Multimedia (ICIMU '05), At Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Selangor, Malaysia.



Aesthetics is a known concept in many different aspects of our daily life. Yet, the precise factors which constitute aesthetics is hard to define. There have been a number of theories and principles developed over the last two centuries [1] but none have satisfactorily been able to provide a working, reliable model for aesthetics. Part of the reason for this problem may be the scope to which the aesthetics applies. By studying a very specific domain, aesthetic principles for that domain, in theory, can be identified and subsequently computed. No such model should ever assume to be conclusive but it could nevertheless provide some kind measure for what we perceive as beauty within a particular domain.

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