Rendering artistic light patterns

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Li Ji, Amy Gooch, L. Gammon, Brian Wyvill: Rendering artistic light patterns. In: Computational Aesthetics 2015 CAE'15, 1-13.



By combining knowledge from computer graphics and visual arts, we have built a projection installation based on a novel sketch-based shape pattern rendering method. Our novel rendering method is guided by an artist's drawing, and generates shape patterns resembling the input image, creating animation with an organic appearance. We have also applied the proposed method to render foliage shadow effects for virtual scenes. The major contribution of method is its ability to automatically render richly detailed, animated lighting patterns from an approximate lighting plan drawing. In our research team, professional artists and computer graphics researchers work together to develop our rendering method and the artistic rendering projects side by side. This interdisciplinary approach helps us to design and evolve our method for creating aesthetic work with computer graphics technologies.

Extended Abstract


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