SBArt4 for an Automatic Evolutionary Art

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Tatsuo Unemi: SBArt4 for an Automatic Evolutionary Art. Proceedings of the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI 2012 – IEEE CEC 2012), June 10–15, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, pp. 2014–2021.



Owing to recent innovations in computer hardware, it has become possible to implement automated evolution to produce interesting abstract images based on computational aesthetic measures for fitness criteria within a feasible time using a personal computer. The present paper proposes extensions of aesthetic measures for the domain of evolutionary art, for both images and animations. Using two small computers connected via Ethernet, we realized an installation of automatic video art that continuously displays a series of new interesting animations on the screen by selecting individuals of higher fitness from an evolving population in real time. The art project also includes automated creation of animations that are accessible over the Internet. The project involves the automatic production of ten 20-second movies everyday and posting the digest movie to a popular web site for movie sharing.

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