Self Portraits with Mandelbrot Genetics

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Ventrella, J.: Self Portraits with Mandelbrot Genetics. In: Taylor, R., Boulanger, P., Krüger, A., Olivier, P. (eds.) SG 2010. LNCS, vol. 6133, pp. 273–276. Springer, Heidelberg (2010),



This paper is an artist statement describing a manipulation of the Mandelbrot Set equation as the basis for creating semi-figurative images, using a genetic algorithm. Modernist painting is referenced in terms of the play between representation and abstraction. The Platonic implications of the Mandelbrot Set are considered as a point of departure for manipulation of the complex function.

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Used References

Mandelbrot, B.: The Fractal Geometry of Nature. Freeman, New York (1982)

Ventrella, J.: Evolving the Mandelbrot Set to Imitate Figurative Art. In: Hingston, P., Barone, P., Michalewicz, Z. (eds.) Design by Evolution. Springer, Heidelberg (2008)


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