Sensitivity analysis applied to decision making in multiobjective evolutionary optimization

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Avila, S.L., Lisboa, A.C., Krahenbuhl, L., Carpes, W.P., Vasconcelos, J.A., Saldanha, R.R., Takahashi, R.H.C.: Sensitivity analysis applied to decision making in multiobjective evolutionary optimization. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 42(4), 1103–1106 (2006)



The result of a multiobjective evolutionary optimization is an efficient solution set surrounded by other candidate solution points. To choose a final solution, we can perform a sensitivity study. Applying this methodology, disturbances that occur in real-world design problems are not neglected. This paper presents an easy way to perform the sensitivity analysis directly from the data generated from a multiobjective stochastic optimization process. No additional function evaluation is required. As an example, we have solved some optimization problems concerning electromagnetic devices

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