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Mayank Singh, Scott Schaefer: Suggestive Hatching. In: Pauline Jepp, Oliver Deussen (Eds.): Eurographics Workshop on Computational Aesthetics, 2010. 25-32



We present a method for drawing lines on an object that depict both the shape and shading of the object. To do so, we construct a gradient field of the diffuse intensity of the surface to guide a set of adaptively spaced lines. The shape of these lines reflect the lighting under which the object is being viewed and its shape. When the light source is placed at the viewer's location, these lines emanate from silhouettes and naturally extend Suggestive Contours. By using a hierarchical proximity grid, we can also improve the quality of these lines as well as control their density over the image. We also provide a method for detecting and removing ridge lines in the intensity field, which lead to artifacts in the line drawings.

Extended Abstract


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