Swarmic Paintings and Colour Attention

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Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie, John Mark Bishop: Swarmic Paintings and Colour Attention. In: EvoMUSART 2013, S. 97-108.




Swarm-based multi-agent systems have been deployed in non-photorealistic rendering for many years. This paper introduces a novel approach in adapting a swarm intelligence algorithm – Stochastic Diffusion Search – for producing non-photorealistic images. The swarm-based system is presented with a digital image and the agents move throughout the digital canvas in an attempt to satisfy the dynamic roles – attention to different colours – associated to them via their fitness function. Having associated the rendering process with the concepts of ‘attention’ in general and colour attention in particular, this papers briefly discusses the ‘computational creativity’ of the work through two prerequisites of creativity (i.e. freedom and constraints) within the swarm intelligence’s two infamous phases of exploration and exploitation.

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