Trans - former 13: exploration and adaptation of evolution expressed in a dynamic sculpture

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Tufte, Gunnar; Gangvik, Espen: Trans <-> former 13: exploration and adaptation of evolution expressed in a dynamic sculpture. In: EvoMUSART 2008, S. 509-514.



Trans<–>Former #13 is a dynamic sculpture with a set of equal sub-structures with a behaviour sought that continuously redraws its own positions in space. To achieve the artistic vision the sculpture is considered as a non-uniform 2D cellular automata. By including the adaptive and explorative properties of a Cellular Genetic Algorithm in the expression of the moving sculpture Trans<–>Former #13 is capable of generating a continuous emerging behaviour. The global behaviour is a result of a local EA and control system in each sub-structure. The principles of the work are demonstrated in two experimental approaches using 3D simulation.

Extended Abstract


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