Up Suprematism to the “supreMADIsm” on Saxon's Paintings

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János Szász Saxon: Up Suprematism to the “supreMADIsm” on Saxon's Paintings. In: Bridges 2013. Pages 465–468



‘János Szász SAXON has created a coherent theory, that of ‘poly-dimensional universe’. This is a unified world explanation in which the point, the (straight) line and the various planar and spatial figures all play a crucial role and which does not contradict the scientific world view of our time either, albeit it is full of idiosyncratic formulations and attempts at a subjective expression. The artist tries to express the basic experience that an enthralling order governs the structures of the cosmos (Figure 1), whose system encompasses both the infinitesimal (nano) and the infinitely huge (giga) scale structures. (This is how he relates to the considerations of fractal and chaos theory present in science today.) We all are the distinguished parties in one and the same infinite process and the works are concretisations thereof as well.’ László Beke

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