Use of Interactive Evolutionary Computation with Simplified Modeling for Computationally Expensive Layout Design Optimization

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Raffi R. Kamalian, Alice M. Agogino, and Hideyuki Takagi: Use of Interactive Evolutionary Computation with Simplified Modeling for Computationally Expensive Layout Design Optimization. IEEE Congress on Computational Intelligence (CEC2007), Singapore, pp.4124-4129 (Sept., 2007).



This paper presents the use of Interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) as a method to allow a human user to embed their expert domain knowledge and experience to overcome the deficiencies of modified nodal analysis (MNA)-based EC in a fraction of the time associated with computationally expensive finite element modeler (FEM)-based EC. From our comparison tests for the design of a MEMS resonating mass, results show that MNA-based IEC performance was within 10% of FEM-based EC, yet it performed in only 1/24th of the computation time.

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