Video Granular Synthesis

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Angus Graeme Forbes and Javier Villegas: Video Granular Synthesis. In: Computational Aesthetics 2015 CAE'15, 195-201.



This paper introduces a technique that enables the creative reshaping of one or more video signals based on granular synthesis techniques, normally applied only to audio signals. We demonstrate that a wide range of novel video processing effects can be generated through conceptualizing a video signal as being composed of a large number of video grains. These grains can be manipulated and maneuvered in a variety of ways, and a new video signal can then be created through the resynthesis of these altered grains; effects include cloning, rotating, and resizing the video grains, as well as repositioning them in space and time. These effects have been used successfully in a series of interactive multimedia performances, leading us to believe that our approach has significant artistic potential.

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