Yvon-Villarceau Circle Equivalents on Dupin Cyclides

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Francesco De Comité: Yvon-Villarceau Circle Equivalents on Dupin Cyclides. In: Bridges 2015. Pages 253–258



A torus contains four families of circles: parallels, meridians and two sets of Yvon-Villarceau circles. Craftworks and artworks based on Yvon-Villarceau circles can be very attractive. Dupin cyclides are images of tori under sphere inversion, so they contain the images of the torus circles families. I applied operations that are known to create effective artworks on tori to Dupin cyclides, and proved them to be feasible. The regularity and the hidden complexity of the objects I obtained make them very attractive. Reviving the 19th century's tradition of mathematical models making, I printed several models, which can help in understanding their geometry. The tools I developed can be generalized to explore transformations of other mathematical objects under sphere inversion. This exploration is just at its beginning, but has already produced interesting new objects.

Extended Abstract


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