Computational Creativity 2012 ICCC 2012

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Mary Lou Maher, Kristian Hammond, Alison Pease, Rafael Pérez y Pérez, Dan Ventura and Geraint Wiggins (eds.): Third International Conference on Computational Creativity Computational Creativity 2012 ICCC 2012. Dublin, Ireland, May 2012.



Extended Abstract



Table of contents

Keynote Speaker

Session 1 Conceptual Blending Chair: Simon Colton

Session 2 Analogy Chair: Pablo Gervás

Session 3 Search Chair: Nick Montfort

'Session 4 Reflections Chair: Dan Ventura

Session 5 Generative Systems Chair: Graeme Ritchie

Session 6 Evaluation I Chair: Alison Pease

Session 7 Evaluation II Chair: Rafael Pérez y Pérez

Session 8 Computers Being Creative Chair: Kyle Jennings

Session 9 Cognition and Computation Chair: Tony Veale

Session 10 Creativity and Language Chair: Geraint A. Wiggins

Interactive Demonstrations


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