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Celestino Soddu (ed.): Generative Art 2003 GA2003, VI Generative Art Conference. Milan, Italy, 10 - 13. December 2003. ISBN 987.88.96610.12.1.



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Table of contents

  • Martin Dupras, Paul Verity Smith, Jeremy Hattosh-Nemeth, Susan Broadhurst: Beyond the mechanical stage-hand: Towards an Aesthetic of real-time Interaction between Musicians, Dancers and Performers and Generative Art in live performance. In: Generative Art 2003.
  • Ilze Volonte, Maris Cacka, JolantaSavvina,. Aleksandra Slahova: INTEREST FROM CREATIVE ACTIVITY UP TO CREATIVITY. no link
  • Manfredo Manfredini, Luca Brambilla, Marco Erba, Paola Leardini: The Instant office in the ageing society: Accessible and sustainable workspheres for politropic space systems, objects and devices related to the needs of ageing people in Europe. In: Generative Art 2003.
  • Yehuda Safran: Guide for the Perplexed. no link


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