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Hannu Toivonen, Simon Colton, Michael Cook, Dan Ventura (eds.): PROCEEDINGS OF THE SIXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL CREATIVITY 2015, Computational Creativity 2015 ICCC 2015, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA, 29th June – 3th July 2015. ISBN: 9780842529709



Extended Abstract



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Table of contents

Keynote (Chair: Michael Cook)

Session 1: Creative Autonomy (Chair: Hannu Toivonen)

Session 2: Evaluation in the Arts (Chair: Anna Jordanous)

Session 3: Creative Mechanisms (Chair: Oliver Bown)

Session 4: Language (Chair: Rafael Pérez y Pérez)

Session 5: Evaluation of Creativity (Chair: Ahmed Elgammal)

Session 6: Musical Interaction (Chair: Geraint Wiggins)

Session 7: Conceptual Blending (Chair: Tony Veale)

Session 8: Visual Arts (Chair: Ashok K. Goel)

Session 9: Games, Music and Cocktails (Chair: Ruli Manurung)

Session 10: Creativity Support (Chair: Kazjon Grace)

Session 11: Imagination and Curiosity (Chair: Julian Togelius)

Session 12: Short Talks (Chair: Michael Mateas) [note: these abstracts are not part of the peer-reviewed, formal proceedings]

Session 13: Co-creativity (Chair: Amilcar Cardoso)

Session 14: Language (Chair: Frank van der Velde)


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