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  1. 09291 Abstracts Collection -- Computational Creativity: an interdisciplinary approach
  2. 09291 Summary -- Computational Creativity: an interdisciplinary approach
  3. 2-Manifold Sculptures
  4. 3-D CG lighting with an interactive GA
  5. 3D-Dithered Ortho-Pictures: 3D Models from Independent 2D Images
  6. 3D Geological Modeling using Sketches and Annotations from Geologic Maps
  7. 3D Visualization Model of the Regular Polytopes in Four and Higher Dimensions
  8. AARON, Colorist: from Expert System to Expert
  9. AARON’s Code: Meta-Art, Artificial Intelligence, and the Work of Harold Cohen
  10. ANGELINA – Coevolution in Automated Game Design
  12. A 3D Modeling System for Creative Design
  13. A 7-Fold System for Creating Islamic Geometric Patterns Part 1: Historical Antecedents
  14. A 7-Fold System for Creating Islamic Geometric Patterns Part 2: Contemporary Expression
  15. A Benchmark Image Set for Evaluating Stylization
  16. A Breeding Tool for Abstract Animations and Its Applications
  17. A Case Study from the Point of View of Aesthetics: A Dialogue Between an Artist and a Computer Scientist
  18. A Combined Junction-Cue Dictionary for Labelling Sketch Drawings with Artistic Shadows and Table-line Cues
  19. A Comparison Between Representations for Evolving Images
  20. A Complexity Approach for Identifying Aesthetic Composite Landscapes
  21. A Computer Model for the Generation of Visual Compositions
  22. A Creative Analogy Machine: Results and Challenges
  23. A Critical View of the Evolutionary Design of Self-assembling Systems
  24. A Digital Prototyping System for Designing Novel 3D Geometries
  25. A Digital Tribute to M.C. Escher
  26. A Discussion on Serendipity in Creative Systems
  27. A Domain Independent Genetic Programming Approach to Automatic Feature Extraction for Image Classification
  28. A Fast Algorithm for Creating Turing-McCabe Patterns
  29. A Fitness Function for Creativity in Jazz Improvisation and Beyond
  30. A Four Strategy Model of Creative Parameter Space Interaction
  31. A Fractal Approach Towards Visual Analogy
  32. A Fully Automatic Evolutionary Art
  33. A Fun Approach to Teaching Geometry and Inspiring Creativity
  34. A GA-P algorithm to automatically formulate extended Boolean queries for a fuzzy information retrieval system
  35. A GP Artificial Ant for image processing: preliminary experiments with EASEA
  36. A Generic Approach to Challenge Modeling for the Procedural Creation of Video Game Levels
  37. A Genetic Algorithm Applied to Content-Based Image Retrieval for Natural Scenes Classification
  38. A Genetic Programming Approach for Image Segmentation
  39. A Genetic Programming Approach for Relevance Feedback in Region-Based Image Retrieval Systems
  40. A Genetic Programming Approach to the Design of Interest Point Operators
  41. A Genetic Programming Based Scheme for Combining Image Operators
  42. A Genetic Programming approach to face recognition
  43. A Geometric Analysis of the Seven Heavens
  44. A Geometrical Representation and Visualization of Möbius Transformation Groups
  45. A History of Creativity for Future AI Research
  46. A Knowledge Based Approach to Modeling Portrait Painting Methodology
  47. A Lamarckian Evolution Strategy for Genetic Algorithms
  48. A Local Search Interface for Interactive Evolutionary Architectural Design
  49. A Mathematica GUI for Generating Conway Tiles
  50. A Mathematical Approach to Obtain Isoperimetric Shapes for D-Form Construction
  51. A Meditation on Kepler's Aa
  52. A Meme-Based Architecture for Modeling Creativity
  53. A Method for Generating Phyliotaxis over Surfaces of Revolution
  54. A Model of Heteroassociative Memory: Deciphering Surprising Features and Locations
  55. A Model of Runaway Evolution of Creative Domains
  56. A New Algorithm for Rendering Kissing Schottky Groups
  57. A New Kind of Art: The Robotic Action Painter
  58. A New Musical Tool for Composition and Play Based on Simulated Breeding
  59. A New Way to See Inside Black Holes
  60. A Novel Human-Computer Collaboration: Combining Novelty Search with Interactive Evolution
  61. A One-Shot Learning Approach to Image Classification Using Genetic Programming
  62. A Painterly Rendering Based on Stroke Profile and Database
  63. A Palette-Driven Approach to Image Color Transfer
  64. A Platform for Evolving Controllers for Simulated Drawing Robots
  65. A Playful Geometry Workshop: Creating 3D Polyhedral Structures from Innovative 2D Self-Assembling Paper Folding Units
  66. A Polyhedral Byway
  67. A Preference Optimization Based Unifying Framework for Supervised Learning Problems
  68. A Relevance Feedback Method based on Genetic Programming for Classification of Remote Sensing Images
  69. A Review of the Fractal Image Coding Literature
  70. A Rogue Dream: Web-Driven Theme Generation for Games
  71. A Rose By Any Other Name
  73. A Sangaku Revived
  74. A Semantic Map for Evaluating Creativity
  75. A Shape Grammar Study: Form Generation with Geometric Islamic Patterns
  76. A Step Towards the Evolution of Visual Languages
  77. A Study of Image Colourfulness
  78. A Study on Context-based Evolutionary Building Design with animation software MAYA
  79. A Study on Geometric Constructions on Brickwork Decorations in Iranian Architecture
  80. A Survey and Empirical Comparison of Object Ranking Methods
  81. A Survey of Virtual Ecosystems in Generative Electronic Art
  82. A Survey on Accelerating Evolutionary Computation Approaches
  83. A Survey on ROC-based Ordinal Regression
  84. A Tool for Composing Short Music Pieces by Means of Breeding
  85. A Topology for Figural Ambiguity
  86. A Transformation Sketchbook
  87. A Turing Test for Generative Art
  88. A Universal Model for Content- Based Image Retrieval
  89. A Virtual Modeling System for Intuitive 3D Shape Conceptualization
  90. A Visual Language for Darwin
  91. A Workshop in Geometric Constructions of Mosaic Designs
  92. A bona fide ethological view of art: The artification hypothesis
  93. A closer look at creativity as search
  94. A comparative classification of complexity measures
  95. A comparative study of texture measures with classification based on feature distributions
  96. A compiler for CPPNs: transforming phenotypic descriptions into genotypic representations
  97. A comprehensive survey of fitness approximation in evolutionary computation
  98. A cybernetic approach to aesthetics
  99. A fast and effective model for wavelet subband histograms and its application in texture image retrieval
  100. A formal theory of creativity to model the creation of art
  101. A framework for photo-quality assessment and enhancement based on visual aesthetics
  102. A fuzzy genetic algorithm approach to an adaptive information retrieval agent
  103. A generative design system based on evolutionary and mathematical functions
  104. A generative remixing of music tracks based on an interactive swarm
  105. A generic geometric transformation that unifies a wide range of natural and abstract shapes
  106. A genetic algorithm for target tracking in FLIR video sequences using intensity variation function
  107. A genetic engineering approach to genetic algorithms
  108. A genetic engineering extension to genetic algorithms
  109. A genetic programming based system for the automatic construction of image filters
  110. A genetic programming framework for content-based image retrieval
  111. A genetic programming framework for content-based image retrieval. Pattern Recognition
  112. A human-oriented image retrieval system using interactive genetic algorithm
  113. A hybrid image restoration approach: Using fuzzy punctual kriging and genetic programming
  114. A machine learning approach to inductive query by examples: an experiment using relevance feedback, ID3, genetic algorithms, and simulated annealing
  115. A mathematical theory of evolutionand biological creativity
  116. A memory learning framework for effective image retrieval
  117. A methodology for user directed search in evolutionary design
  118. A model of co-evolutionary design
  119. A neuro-genetic hybrid motif generator for genetic art
  120. A new evolutionary algorithm combining simulated annealing and genetic programming for relevance feedback in fuzzy information retrieval systems
  121. A novel evolutionary approach for optimizing content-based image indexing algorithms
  122. A preliminary investigation of evolution as a form design strategy
  123. A review of content-based image retrieval systems in medical applications – clinical benefits and future directions
  124. A review on the application of evolutionary computation to information retrieval
  125. A self organizing map based method for understanding features associated with high aesthetic value evolved abstract images
  126. A service oriented evolutionary architecture: applications and results
  127. A survey of content-based image retrieval with high-level semantics
  128. A survey of the use of pattern recognition methods for abstraction, indexing and retrieval of images and video
  129. A survey on content based image retrieval
  130. A test of genetic algorithms in relevance feedback
  131. A unified information-theoretic framework for viewpoint selection and mesh saliency
  132. A user-oriented image retrieval system based on interactive genetic algorithm
  133. Abandoning objectives: Evolution through the search for novelty alone
  134. About Weaving and Helical Holes
  135. About a special relationship: abstract art - aesthetics - mathematics
  136. Abstract Art by Shape Classification
  137. Abstract Art from a Model for Cellular Morphogenesis
  138. Abstract Overlays using a Transport Network Model
  139. Abstracted painterly renderings using eye-tracking data
  140. Accelerating IEC and EC Searches with Elite Obtained by Dimensionality Reduction in Regression Spaces
  141. Accelerating evolution by direct manipulation for interactive fashion design
  142. Acceleration of Evolutionary Image Filter Design Using Coevolution in Cartesian GP
  143. Accounting for Bias in the Evaluation of Creative Computational Systems: An Assessment of DARCI
  144. Accurate and Discernible Photocollages
  145. Active Handwritten Character Recognition using Genetic Programming
  146. Active User Intervention in an EC Search
  147. Active learning in very large databases
  148. Active learning methods for interactive image retrieval
  149. Actively probing and modeling users in interactive co-evolution
  150. Adaptation of an Autonomous Creative Evolutionary System for Real-World Design Application Based on Creative Cognition
  151. Adapting models of visual aesthetics for personalized content creation
  152. Adaptive Critics for Evolutionary Artists
  153. Adaptive enlargement of state spaces in evolutionary designing
  154. Adaptive game level creation through rank-based interactive evolution
  155. Adaptive image retrieval through the use of a genetic algorithm
  156. Adding Dynamics to Sketch-based Character Animations
  157. Adding Lighting and Viewing Effects to Digital Images
  158. Aesthetic 3D Model Evolution
  159. Aesthetic 3D Model Evolution 2013
  160. Aesthetic Appraisal of Art - from Eye Movements to Computers
  161. Aesthetic Classification and Sorting Based on Image Compression
  162. Aesthetic Evaluation: Automated Fitness Functions for Evolutionary Art, Design, and Music
  163. Aesthetic Evolution of L-Systems Revisited
  164. Aesthetic Learning in an Interactive Evolutionary Art System
  165. Aesthetic Measures for Evolutionary Vase Design
  166. Aesthetic Placement of Points Using Generalized Lloyd Relaxation
  167. Aesthetic Video Filter Evolution in an Interactive Real-Time Framework
  168. Aesthetic and Mathematical Research: A Comparism with two Examples
  169. Aesthetic evolutionary design with data flow networks
  170. Aesthetic experience and human evolution
  171. Aesthetic fitness and artificial evolution for the selection of imagery from the mythical infinite library
  172. Aesthetic geometry evolution in a generic interactive evolutionary design framework
  173. Aesthetic image rating (AIR) algorithm
  174. Aesthetic selection of developmental art forms
  175. Aesthetic selection of morphogenetic art forms
  176. Aesthetic universals
  177. Aesthetically Pleasing Azulejo Patterns
  178. Aesthetics, Art, Evolution
  179. Aesthetics and Psychobiology
  180. Aesthetics and emotions in images
  181. Aesthetics in Covariant Image Reconstruction
  182. Aesthetics of Hand-Drawn and Computer-Generated Illustrations
  183. Aesthetics of Hand-Drawn vs. Computer-Generated Stippling
  184. Against Individual Creativity
  185. Against Reductionism: Complexity Science, Complexity Art, and Complexity Studies
  186. Algorithm evolution for face recognition
  187. Algorithmic Aesthetics: Redefining Traditional Islamic Art
  188. Algorithmic Fluid Imagery
  189. Algorithmic Quilting
  190. Algorithmic beauty of buildings: Methods for procedural building generation
  191. Algorithmic randomness and physical entropy
  192. Algorithms for Morphing Escher-Like Tessellations
  193. Alhambra's Nazari Single Tile Patterns Guided Tour
  194. Aliasing Artifacts and Accidental Algorithmic Art
  195. All the truth about NEvAr
  196. Almost automatic computer painting
  197. Alter EVO: an interactive evolutionary computation tool for instant architecture processing
  198. Amplitude spectra of natural images
  199. An Adaptive On-Line Evolutionary Visual System
  200. An Efficient Perception-based Adaptive Color to Gray Transformation
  201. An Emerging Computational Model of Flow Spaces in Social Creativity and Learning
  202. An Evolution-Based Generative Design System: Using Adaptation to Shape Architectural Form
  203. An Evolutionary Approach for Generating 2D and 3D Fractal Art
  204. An Evolutionary Approach to Automatic Video Editing
  205. An Evolutionary Approach to Automatic Web Page Categorization and Updating
  206. An Evolutionary Approach to Automatic and Interactive Procedural Texture Generation
  207. An Evolutionary Approach to Support Web-Page Design
  208. An Examination of Lamarckian Genetic Algorithms
  209. An Examination on the Modularity of Grammars in Grammatical Evolutionary Design
  210. An Exploration of Art and the Brain
  211. An IEC-based support system for font design
  212. An Iconography of Reason and Roses
  213. An Image Retrieval Method Based on a Genetic Algorithm
  214. An Image Retrieval Method Based on a Genetic Algorithm Controlled by User’s Mind
  215. An Implicit Surface Prototype for Evolving Human Figure Geometry
  216. An Indirect Fitness Scheme for Automated Evolution of Aesthetic Images
  217. An Information-Theoretic Framework for Image Complexity
  218. An Interactive Electronic Art System Based on Artificial Ecosystemics
  219. An Interface for Fitness Function Design
  220. An Introduction To Kolmogorov Complexity and its Applications
  221. An Introduction to the Golden Tangram and its Tiling Properties
  222. An Introduction to the Tiling Properties of Precious Triangles
  223. An Introduction to the Tiling Properties of the Tangram and Their Application in Two and Three Dimensions
  224. An Investigation into Aesthetic Preference using Generative Art
  225. An algorithm for automatic painterly rendering based on local source image approximation
  226. An approach to creating very large, high resolution artistic printed images
  227. An effective similarity measure via genetic algorithm for Content-Based Image Retrieval with extensive features
  228. An efficient image retrieval based on HSV color space
  229. An empirical exploration of a definition of creative novelty for generative art
  230. An engineering approach to evolutionary art
  231. An evaluation of morphed composites constructed in a criminal investigation
  232. An exploration of genetic programming for non-photorealistic animations
  233. An implicit context representation for evolving image processing filters
  234. An improved interactive genetic algorithm incorporating relevant feedback
  235. An informational model for cellular automata aesthetic measure
  236. An interactive artificial ant approach to non-photorealistic rendering
  237. An interactive system for solving inverse illumination problems using genetic algorithms
  238. An upperbound to the performance for ranked-output searching: optimal weighting of query terms using a genetic algorithm
  239. Analyzing the performance of a multiobjective GA-P algorithm for learning fuzzy queries in a machine learning environment
  240. Animated drawings rendered by genetic programming
  241. Animating Line-based Op Art
  242. Animating Persian Floral Patterns
  243. Animating Typescript Using Aesthetically Evolved Images
  244. Anonymity and evolutionary art
  245. Another look at Pentagonal Persian Patterns
  246. Ant Paintings Based on the Seed Foraging Behavior of P. barbatus
  247. Ant Paintings using a Multiple Pheromone Model
  248. Applicability of interactive evolutionary computation to mental health measurement
  249. Application of genetic programming to edge detector design
  250. Application of l1 norm minimization technique to image retrieval
  251. Applying a hybrid approach based on fuzzy neural network and genetic algorithm to product form design
  252. Applying genetic algorithms to query optimization in document retrieval
  253. Applying theoretical models on human creativity to animal studies
  254. Approaches to Evolutionary Architectural Design Exploration Using Grammatical Evolution
  255. Approaching an Approximation of Freeform Surfaces by Developable Strips using Apparent Contours
  256. ArTbitrating: an evolutionary environment for visual and sound composition
  257. ArTbitrating JaVOX: an evolutionary environment for visual and sound composition
  258. Architectural Innovation as an evolutionary process
  259. Argenia, a Natural Generative Design
  260. Art, emergence and the computational sublime
  261. Art-directed Watercolor Rendered Animation
  262. Art and artificial life — a coevolutionary approach
  263. Art in global context: an evolutionary/functionalist perspective for the 21st century
  264. Art of Infinity
  265. Art of the Quantum Moment
  266. Artefacts to Enhance Geometrical Thinking
  267. Artfully Folding Hexagons, Dodecagons, and Dodecagrams
  268. ArtiE-Fract: Interactive Evolution of Fractals
  269. ArtiE-Fract: The Artist’s Viewpoint
  270. Arties: Meta-Design as Evolving Colonies of Artistic Agents
  271. Artificial Art Made by Artificial Ants
  272. Artificial Creative Systems: Completing the Creative Cycle
  273. Artificial Drawing + Unity
  274. Artificial Immune System Based Art
  275. Artificial Intelligence Systems in New Media Art and Design
  276. Artificial Life, Death and Epidemics in Evolutionary, Generative Electronic Art
  277. Artificial Life Meets Computational Creativity?
  278. Artificial Nature: Immersive World Making
  279. Artificial Neural Network Spaces
  280. Artificial creativity: A synthetic approach to the study of creative behaviour
  281. Artificial creativity: a synthetic approach to the study of creative behavior
  282. Artificial ecosystems for creative discovery
  283. Artificial evolution for computer graphics
  284. Artificial evolution of algebraic surfaces
  285. Artikel-Template
  286. Artistic Canvases for Gestural and Non-linear Typography
  287. Artistic Stylization of Images and Video
  288. Artistic vision: Painterly rendering using computer vision techniques
  289. Arts, robots, and evolution as a tool for creativity
  290. Artwork Inspired by Dual Dodecahedra and Icosahedra
  291. Arty Shapes
  292. Assessing Augmented Creativity: Putting a Lovelace Machine for Interactive Title Generation Through a Human Creativity Test
  293. Assessing Progress in Building Autonomously Creative Systems
  294. Assessing creativity: The importance of unexpected novelty
  295. Assessing the aesthetic quality of photographs using generic image descriptors
  296. Asymmetry vs. Symmetry in a New Class of Space-Filling Curves
  297. Atoms of EVE: a Bayesian basis for aesthetics of style in sketching
  298. Attributing Creative Agency: Are we doing it right?
  299. Auditory and Visual-based Signal Processing with Interactive Evolutionary Computation
  300. Ausstellungen zur Evolutionären Kunst
  301. Authorial Subjective Evaluation of Non-Photorealistic Images
  302. Authorship and Aesthetics Experiments: Comparison of Results between Human and Computational Systems
  303. Automated Aesthetic Selection of Evolutionary Art by Distance Based Classification of Genomes and Phenomes Using the Universal Similarity Metric
  304. Automated Collage Generation - With More Intent 2011
  305. Automated Daily Production of Evolutionary Audio Visual Art — An Experimental Practice
  306. Automated Design of Image Operators that Detect Interest Points
  307. Automated Generation of Cross-Domain Analogies via Evolutionary Computation
  308. Automated Landscape Painting in the Style of Bob Ross
  309. Automated Shape Design by Grammatical Evolution
  310. Automated Theory Formation in Pure Mathematics
  311. Automated collage generation — with intent
  312. Automated content based image retrieval using wavelets
  313. Automated evaluation and generation of graphic arrangements through adaptive evolution
  314. Automatic Detection of Irony and Humour in Twitter
  315. Automatic Evolution of Conceptual Building Architectures
  316. Automatic Evolution of Conceptual Building Architectures TR
  317. Automatic Eye Detection in Face Images for Unconstrained Biometrics Using Genetic Programming
  318. Automatic Generation of Affine IFS and Strongly Typed Genetic Programming
  319. Automatic Mineral Identification Using Genetic Programming
  320. Automatic Programming in an Arbitrary Language: Evolving Programs with Grammatical Evolution
  321. Automatic Structure Generation using Genetic Programming and Fractal Geometry
  322. Automatic Texture Guided Color Transfer and Colorization
  323. Automatic and Interactive Evolution of Vector Graphics Images with Genetic Algorithms
  324. Automatic and Interactive Evolution of Vector Graphics Images with Genetic Algorithms TR
  325. Automatic categorization of medical images for content-based retrieval and data mining
  326. Automatic construction of image operators using a genetic programming approach
  327. Automatic construction of image transformation algorithms using feature based genetic image network
  328. Automatic construction of single frame super-resolution using Cartesian Genetic Programming
  329. Automatic construction of tree-structural image transformation using genetic programming
  330. Automatic content generation in the galactic arms race video game
  331. Automatic feature extraction and image classification using genetic programming
  332. Automatic generation of a matching function by genetic programming for effective information retrieval
  333. Automatic generation of iterated function systems
  334. Automatic generation of strange attractors
  335. Automatic invention of fitness functions with application to scene generation
  336. Automatic learning of multiple extended Boolean queries by multiobjective GA-P algorithms
  337. Automatically improving the accuracy of user profile with genetic algorithm
  338. Autonomous Evolutionary Art
  339. Autonomous flock brush for non-photorealistic rendering
  340. Autonomously Communicating Conceptual Knowledge Through Visual Art
  341. Autonomously Creating Quality Images
  342. Autonomously Managing Competing Objectives to Improve the Creation and Curation of Artifacts
  343. Autonomy, Signature and Creativity
  344. Autopoiesis
  345. Avoidance Drawings Evolved Using Virtual Drawing Robots
  347. Bachelier
  348. Balancing Act: Variation and Utility in Evolutionary Art
  349. Batik Fractal : Traditional Art to Modern Complexity
  350. Beautification of Islamic Patterns via Constraint Satisfaction
  351. Before A Computer Can Draw, It Must First Learn To See
  352. Begriffe zur Evolutionären Kunst
  353. Being Kasimir Malevich
  354. Bending Circle Limits
  355. Bending Hyperbolic Kaleidoscopes
  356. Benford's Law for Natural and Synthetic Images
  357. Beyond open-endedness: quantifying impressiveness
  358. Beyond the Golden Section - the Golden tip of the iceberg
  359. Biological Content Generation: Evolving Game Terrains Through Living Organisms
  360. Blending Polyhedra with Overlays
  361. Blending in the Hub: Towards a Collaborative Concept Invention Platform
  362. Blogging Math Art
  363. Bourgoin's 14-Pointed Star Polygon Designs
  364. Brain-Inspired Deep Networks for Image Aesthetics Assessment
  365. Breaking the Pixel Barrier
  366. Breeding aesthetic objects: Art and artificial evolution
  367. Breeding on site
  368. Brian J. Ross
  369. Bridges 1998
  370. Bridges 1999
  371. Bridges 2000
  372. Bridges 2001
  373. Bridges 2002
  374. Bridges 2003
  375. Bridges 2004
  376. Bridges 2005
  377. Bridges 2006
  378. Bridges 2007
  379. Bridges 2008
  380. Bridges 2009
  381. Bridges 2010
  382. Bridges 2011
  383. Bridges 2012
  384. Bridges 2013
  385. Bridges 2014
  386. Bridges 2015
  387. Bridges 2016
  388. Bridges 2017
  389. Bridging the arts and sciences: a framework for the psychology of aesthetics
  390. Brush Stroke Ordering Techniques for Painterly Rendering
  391. Bubble Hierarchies
  392. Bubbles and Tilings: Art and Mathematics
  393. Buch-Template
  394. Building Artistic Computer Colleagues with an Enactive Model of Creativity
  395. Building The Plotter - an Aesthetic Exploration with Drawing Robots
  396. CBIR based on adaptive segmentation of hsv color space
  397. CBMIR: Content-based Image Retrieval Algorithm for Medical Image Databases
  398. CGP, Creativity and Art
  399. COINVENT: Towards a Computational Concept Invention Theory
  402. CRMT-bitmap-image-interpreter
  403. Call for Participation Patterns and Tilings Competition 2015 1
  404. Call for Participation Patterns and Tilings Competition 2015 2
  405. Can Human Assistance Improve a Computational Poet
  406. Can a Computationally Creative System Create Itself? Creative Artefacts and Creative Processes
  407. Can a Genetic Algorithm Think Like a Composer?
  408. Capturing aesthetic intention during interactive evolution
  409. Cartesian Genetic Programming for Image Processing
  410. Cartesian Genetic Programming for Image Processing Tasks
  411. Casual Creators
  412. Casually Evolving Creative Technology Systems
  413. Cellular Automata and Complexity: Collected Papers
  414. Celtic Knots Colorization based on Color Harmony Principles
  415. Chains of Antiprisms
  416. Chinese pattern design using generative shape grammar
  417. Chladni Figures Revisited: A Peek Into The Third Dimension
  418. Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis: Classification vs. Discrete Choice Models
  419. ChromoStereoscopic Rendering for Trichromatic Displays
  420. Circle Packing Explorations
  421. Circle patterns in Gothic Architecture
  422. Classification Strategies for Image Classification in Genetic Programming
  423. Classification of Digital Photos Taken by Photographers or Home Users
  424. Classification of Images using Color, CBIR Distance Measures and Genetic Programming: An evolutionary Experiment
  425. Classifying Hexagonal Tilings in Islamic Architecture with a Single Numerical Parameter
  426. Co-Regularized Least-Squares for Label Ranking
  427. Co-creating game content using an adaptive model of user taste
  428. Co-evolution of the fitness function and design solution for design exploration
  429. Co-evolutionary Methods in Evolutionary Art
  430. Co-evolving parasites improves simulated evolution as an optimization procedur
  431. Collaborative Filtering of Color Aesthetics
  432. Collaborative Preference Learning
  433. Collage, Technology, and Creative Process
  434. Color Mixing using Colliding Particles
  435. Color Search and Replace
  436. Color Style Transfer Techniques using Hue, Lightness and Saturation Histogram Matching
  437. Color and Texture-Based Segmentation using EM and its Application to Content-Based Image Retrieval
  438. Color and shape index for region-based image retrieval
  439. Color and texture image retrieval using chromaticity histograms and wavelet frames
  440. Color dependent computational aesthetics for evolving expressions
  441. Colors and Incomputability
  442. ColourVis: Exploring Colour Usage in Paintings Over Time
  443. Colour and texture feature-based image retrieval by using Hadamard matrix in discrete wavelet transform
  444. Colouring without seeing: A problem in machine creativity
  445. Combinatorics in the Art of the Twentieth Century
  446. Combining Abstract Images using Texture Transfer
  447. Combining Representational Domains for Computational Creativity
  448. Combining Structural Analysis and Multi-Objective Criteria for Evolutionary Architectural Design
  449. Comparing Aesthetic Measures for Evolutionary Art
  450. Comparing the Readability of Graph Layouts using Eyetracking and Task-oriented Analysis
  451. Complex Polynomial Mandalas and their Symmetries
  452. Complex aesthetic forms that solve mathematical and cognitive problems
  453. Complex constructions based on symmetry breaking in simple three dimensional IFS
  454. Complexism and the Role of Evolutionary Art
  455. Complexity, Neuroaesthetics, and Computational Aesthetic Evaluation
  456. Complexity measures as a basis for mass customisation of novel designs
  457. Complexity of two-dimensional patterns
  458. Composable Art: Objects That Can Be Arranged in Many Ways
  459. Composing Different Tessellation from the Same Elements - Abstract
  460. Composite Digital Mosaics using Duotone Tiles
  461. Composite diffusion limited aggregation paintings
  462. Composition Principles for Quality Depiction and Aesthetics
  463. Composition in Perspectives
  464. Compositional Pattern Producing Networks: A Novel Abstraction of Development
  465. Computational Aesthetic Evaluation: Past and Future
  466. Computational Aesthetic Evaluation: Steps Towards Machine Creativity
  467. Computational Aesthetics 2005
  468. Computational Aesthetics 2006
  469. Computational Aesthetics 2007
  470. Computational Aesthetics 2008
  471. Computational Aesthetics 2009
  472. Computational Aesthetics 2010
  473. Computational Aesthetics 2011
  474. Computational Aesthetics 2012
  475. Computational Aesthetics 2013
  476. Computational Aesthetics 2014
  477. Computational Aesthetics 2015
  478. Computational Aesthetics 2016
  479. Computational Aesthetics 2017
  480. Computational Aesthetics Conferences
  481. Computational Artistic Creativity and its Evaluation
  482. Computational Color Harmony based on Coloroid System
  483. Computational Creativity: A Philosophical Approach, and an Approach to Philosophy
  484. Computational Creativity 2010 ICCC 2010
  485. Computational Creativity 2011 ICCC 2011
  486. Computational Creativity 2012 ICCC 2012
  487. Computational Creativity 2013 ICCC 2013
  488. Computational Creativity 2014 ICCC 2014
  489. Computational Creativity 2015 ICCC 2015
  490. Computational Creativity 2016 ICCC 2016
  491. Computational Creativity Conceptualisation Grounded on ICCC Papers
  492. Computational Creativity Infrastructure for Online Software Composition: A Conceptual Blending Use Case
  493. Computational Creativity Theory: Inspirations behind the FACE and the IDEA models
  494. Computational Creativity Theory: The FACE and IDEA Descriptive Models
  495. Computational Creativity in Naturalistic Decision–Making
  496. Computational Creativity through a Gap
  497. Computational Esthetics
  498. Computational Field Visualization
  499. Computational Game Creativity
  500. Computational Models for the Analysis and Synthesis of Graffiti Tag Strokes

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